Professional and Academic English

Professional and Academic English is a bi-annual peer-reviewed journal publishing articles on a wide range of topics in occupational, professional and academic English as well as English medium instruction from around the world, insights into the classroom and book reviews.

The journal is produced in collaboration with Express Publishing.

Editorial Board



Peer reviewers 

Dr Katalin Egri Ku-Mesu (UK)

Dr Mona Syrbe (Japan)
Dr Veronico Tarrayo (Philippines)

Dr Mahdi Aben Ahmed (Saudi Arabia)
Dr Sharif Alghazo (Jordan)
Patricia Lorena Bustos Gonzalez (Colombia)
Simon Cotterill (UK)
Dr Victor Guillen (UK)
Michelle Joubert (South Africa)
Dr Elis Kakoulli Constantinou (Cyprus)
Andrew Northern (UK)
Martin Percy (UK)
Dr Jemma Prior (Italy)
Anna Whinnett (UK)


We announce call for papers for each issue of the journal, but we also welcome submissions at any time. If you would like to contribute to the journal, please check the submission guidelines and submit your work for consideration to [email protected].

Digital edition: ISSN 2520-2545
Print edition: ISSN 1754-6850


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