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The IATEFL ESPSIG Journal is produced twice a year and contains a range of peer-reviewed articles and opinions covering assorted topics in professional and academic English from around the world, book reviews and conference reports.

We have uploaded our 50th issue on this website for everyone to access. The first part of the journal consists of reflective articles, looking back over the life of the journal. The first article, from the founding editor of the journal, looks back at the beginnings of the SIG and the journal and developments in ESP since that time. This is followed by some facts and figures taken from the journal archives. We then have two articles from very different parts of the world, documenting the influence of the SIG on national and personal developments in ESP. The first one describes the contribution of the SIG to developments of ESP in Cuba. And the second one looks at the contribution of the journal to the personal development of one ESP teacher from Russia.

The second part of Issue 50 includes two articles on EAP from very different contexts. The first one is a report on a wide-ranging survey on the implementation of a ministerial decree in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The second one discusses the creation of creating worksheets for subject specific language needs in a UK university.

We hope you find these articles interesting and useful and we hope that reading them will encourage all our readers to submit articles to the journal.

To submit an article please view the guidelines or contact our Editor-in-Chief, Katalin, via [email protected]

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